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Date: 24th May 2016
If you are checking best,Website:http://www.hoaninc.com, high-quality, discount, or arresters brands, please feel free to contact Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co.,Ltd, we are one of the best China surge protector, surge arrester, lightning protection manufacturers and suppliers.The surge arrester can effectively protect the communication equipment. Once there is no normal voltage, the surge arrester will operate at the normal operating voltage. When the cable or equipment is operated under normal operating voltage, the surge arrester will act as high voltage, which can limit the voltage amplitude, protect the communication cable and equipment.As a result, the main effect of surge arrester is to cut down the intrusion flow wave and reduce the voltage value of the protected equipment through the parallel discharge gap or the nonlinear resistance, so as to protect the communication lines and equipment.Lightning arrester not only can be used to protect the high voltage generated by lightning, but also can be used to protect high voltage operation.The role of the lightning arrester is used to protect the power system in a variety of electrical equipment from lightning.Voltage, operating over-voltage, power frequency transient overvoltage impact and damage to an electrical appliance. The main types of lightning protection gap, valve type arrester and zinc oxide lightning arrester. Protection gap is mainly used for power distribution system, line and transformer substation. Valve type arrester and power plant protection, in the 500KV and the following system is mainly used to limit the overvoltage, in the ultra high voltage system will also be used to limit the overvoltage or backup protection.