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Date: 24th May 2016
Characteristics of Wire rope isolators
Wire rope isolators is the type of isolators which achieve its function of vibration by the features of bending of a single wire rope fixed between the upper and lower mounting bars. For the high adaptability of the environment,Website:http://www.hoaninc.com, the wire rope isolators are now widely use in military and aerospace. The performance tests of the wire rope isolators is various, which include the tensile, compression, stiffness as well as the fatigue. Also, with the fast developing of technology, the application of the wire rope isolators are wide, and they can be used in: Airborne, vehicle-mounted and mechanical equipments and instruments ; All kinds of precision devices, computers as well as communication equipments; Missile and satellite, navigation, vehicle and launch systems? security protection; Vibration and isolation in construction machinery and general machinery; Machinery, electronic equipments and facilities work under the harsh environments like high and low temperature or chemical pollution; Comparing with the traditional isolators, the wire rope isolators has good impact buffer resistance and large damping, which are installed easily. And the isolators will be more outstanding in the coming days, which will be more widely used and accepted by the people then.