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Date: 24th May 2016
Classic Wire Rope Isolator
If you are checking best,Website:http://www.hoaninc.com, high-quality, discount, or classic wire rope isolator brands, please feel free to contact Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co.,Ltd, we are one of the best China classic cable mounts, classic wire isolator, classic shock isolators, classic helical isolators manufacturers and suppliers.GH series wire rope isolator?is the new type wire rope isolator which is characterized with three-dimensional?variable stiffness. It has been widely applied to the instruments of the aviation, vessel,?tank and the equipments for ocean shipping to reduce the noise. Therefore, the?instruments could run in the harsh mechanical environment.?It is the ideal replacement of the traditional vibration isolators.?The Dimension of GH Series Wire Rope Isolator:?The technical parameters of GH Series?Wire Rope Isolator:The Vibrating Test of GH Series?Wire Rope Isolator: