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Date: 18th July 2016
JGX-0956 Series Vibration Isolations - Max Static Load From 32kg To 110kg
Comparing with the other types JGX series wire rope isolators, the JGX-0956 series vibration isolations are more unique.?The JGX-0956 series vibration isolations have the large static load, which is from 32kg to 110kg. For its large static load, the JGX-0956 series vibration isolations can be used in the required working conditions especially for huge equipments or the related systems.Now, the JGX-0956 series vibration isolations are widely used fit in the field of shipping-aviation-space flight and vehicle etc.*?Specifications of?JGX-0956 Series:1.?Model Number Code Ordering of?JGX-0956 Series:2.?Structural Diagram of??JGX-0956 Series:3. Dimension of?JGX-0956 Series:4.?Mounting Options of?JGX-0956 Series:5.?Compression of?JGX-0956 Series:6.?45?Compression of?JGX-0956 Series:7.?Shear/Roll of?JGX-0956 Series:*?Wheel Loader Application:*?Equipment Cabinet Application:*?Camera Video Application?* Equipment Applications:* Other Applications:*?Additional Information:. ?Manufacture Period:25-30 working days.. ?Package: Standard export packing or as per customers' requirements.. ?Delivery: Sea/Air shipping.. ?Certification:?ISO 9001:2008 Certified & GJB 9001B-2009 Certified