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Date: 1st June 2016
RF Coax Connectors
The Bayonet-Neil-Concealment,Website:http://www.hoaninc.com, or BNC connector drives is one of the type rf?coax connectors, which is also called?the "bayonet" refers to the style of locking mechanism employed by this series.?Developed in the late 1940s, the BNC is basically a scaled down erosion of the Type C, and its compact design, easy quickly connect / disconnect coupling and economical manufacturing cost have all helped to ensure that it is consistently applied I radio equipment and electron tube instrument field and join the coaxial cable of the radio frequency extensively.Series BNC RF coaxial connectors have the bayonet structure coupling mating and developed according to MIL-C-39012/16-24. This series connectors can be interchangeable with the same-type connectors of abroad, engaged and disengaged rapidly, used to connect coaxial cables in radio equipment and instruments.?Working Conditions:Technical Data:Interface Mating Dimensions: