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Date: 7th June 2016
TNC Connectors
The TNC (Threaded Neil Concealment) connectors were invented in the late 1950s,Website:http://www.hoaninc.com, which were named after Paul Neill of Bell Labs and Carl Concelman of Amphenol. The TNC connectors have 50 ? impedance and operates best in the 0?11 GHz frequency spectrum, which are often used in applications which have performance requirements such as networks, antennas, telecom, cable assembly and cellular system.The TNC connectors are one kind of middle-power connectors which developed according to MIL-C-39012. With screw-coupling mechanism, the TNC connectors have the advantages of vibration-proof, high reliability, superior mechanical and electrical performances, etc.For the TNC connectors have better performance than BNC connectors at microwave frequencies, they are widely used to connect the RF coaxial cables in radio equipment and instruments.?Technical Data:Interface Mating Dimensions: